6 Months – 12/18 Months

3 Lullaby Lane

Handing over the care of your baby is a huge step for any parent. We aim for the baby to adapt to its new surroundings slowly and safely. We have an individual settling in programme for each family according to their needs, so you and your baby can get to know and trust their key workers. Your baby will receive individual attention and the care they need at this very important stage. There is constant interaction between the carers and the children to encourage their boundless curiosity. We document all feeding, sleeping, nappy changing and administration of medicine daily and give regular updates to you in relation to their development. The ratios in this room as per regulations is 1 member of staff to 3 children. We have space for three babies with a waiting list.
12/18 Months – 2 Years

5 Tender Terrace

Once the babies start to find their feet, they graduate to our Wobbler Room. This group spends much of their time experimenting, exploring and beginning to socialise. They will learn to walk more confidently and they engage in large movement activities that develop children’s balance and gross motor skills and are stimulated to become more co-ordinated using visual, physical and audio educational resources. All of our activities promote communication and social skills. Each child has their individual periods of play and sleep. Off this room we have a lovely outdoor exploration area, which the children have access to at all times. Each day they will spend as much time as possible outside. The ratios in this room as per regulations is 1 member of staff to 5 children.
2-3 Years

6 Kindergarten Crossing

In this room we introduce more advanced equipment, arts and crafts and a daily schedule of activities based on an emergent curriculum. They make social connections and enjoy group learning as well as individual learning. We pay especially close attention to the development of speech and language and encourage the development of your child’s speech and language through a range of fun and social activities such as songs, role play and storytelling. Toilet training may also begin at this stage. We will assist with toilet training once it has been undertaken at home over a few days. The ratios in this room as per regulations is 1 member of staff to 6 children.
3-4 Years

11 Learners Lane

This room started out in 2013 and is our first year of Preschool and the ECCE scheme. The curriculum in this room is high scope and is based on the Aistear and Siolta Curriculum Framework. The activities are based on an emergent curriculum, in other words based on their own individual interests. These include arts and crafts, sensory play, role play, stories, songs, experiments, baking and a whole lot more. We are lucky to have such a vast amount of outdoor space which we utilise regularly for exploration and learning. At this stage as well as all other stages we assess each child’s development and report back to you, the parent, routinely. We also participate in the Access and Inclusion Model (AIM) which is a model of supports designed to ensure that children with disabilities can access the Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE) Programme. The ratios in this room as per regulations are 1 member of staff to 11 children.
4- 5 Years

11 Big Learners Grand Parade

In this room the children are getting ready to go onto primary school and enjoying time learning inside and outside at Care-A-Lot. The curriculum framework is similar to that in Little Learners Lane, however we are focused on developing their independence in preparation for their next stage. The ratios in this room as per regulations are 1 member of staff to 11 children.


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